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Today's business world is focused on the concept of productivity. Today, when the global economy reaches to a sensitive point, the most important factor that provides competition is to realize the solutions that will enhance the productivity. Focusing on the main line of business and using alternative solutions in their investment cost plans, are of a vital importance for companies to reduce the risk and increase the productivity.

It is the very mission of the RENTH Machine Leasing Services. Help you increase your productivity by enabling you to have leasing service at the speed and quality that you are looking for with over 500 machines and equipment range.

RENTH Machine Leasing Services lets you use your resources correctly, helps you get rid of the hassle of sale/disposal of the machines upon completion of their economic life and all costs such as insurance, tax, reparation, part replacement of the machines and equipment.

Being established by Hareket Proje Taşımacılığı ve Yük Mühendisliği A.Ş, one of the most reputable companies in its domain since 1957, RENTH aims to bring leasing service into action as a long-term solution partnership. Our most important objective is to be a company of choice with the quality and continuity of our service.


Increasing productivity by providing you with the speed and quality rental service you are looking for, with more than 500 types of machinery and equipment.


Our most important goal is; to be the preferred company with the quality and continuity of our service.


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