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Today's business world is focused on the concept of productivity. Today, when the global economy reaches to a sensitive point, the most important factor that provides competition is to realize the solutions that will enhance the productivity. Focusing on the main line of business and using alternative solutions in their investment cost plans, are of a vital importance for companies to reduce the risk and increase the productivity.

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  • Industry

  • Construction

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  • Agriculture

  • Landscaping

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  • What is your understanding of service?

    We will continue your processes without interruption by receiving services and services on time.

  • Why should we choose you?

    With more than 500 different types of machines and equipment, we are able to save the right machines and equipment from one place, both at cost and time, so that you can be more productive in your business.

  • What is your experience?

    It is our greatest experience to make sure that we use our experience that exceeds half a century to pass the most productive system to life.

  • What is the value you give us?

    You increase your profitability and productivity rates from day to day.

  • What is a staff elevating platform? What are the usage areas?

    Personnel elevating platforms; It is a machine that has to be used in all works that require working at height and that is used to raise the personnel safely. There are personnel lift platforms suitable for wherever you need elevation. There are personnel lift platforms (manlifts) that can reach from 6m to 48m, can work indoors and outdoors, and have scissor, articulated and telescopic models.

    Usage areas;

    • Build
    • Industry
    • Agriculture
    • Landscape
    • Event-Organization
    • Cleaning
    • Energy
    • Work safety

    You can work safely at height by using our scissor lift rental, articulated platform rental and telescopic platform rental services.


Türkiye’de kiralamanın sınırları RENTH ile genişleyecek!

Kiralama sektörünün yeni ve iddialı markası RENTH, iş makinelerinden el aletlerine kadar oldukça geniş bir ürün çeşitliliğini, etkin ve kesintisiz hizmet desteği ile birlikte sunarak, müşterilerine kiralamanın tüm avantajlarını en iyi şekilde yaşatmayı hedefliyor.


Makine ve Ekipman Kiralamanın Avantajları

Şirketler, Makine ve Ekipman kiralama yöntemiyle birçok farklı alanda avantaj elde etmiş olurlar. Her sektör farklı sürelerde farklı sayıda ve özellikte Makine veya Ekipmana ihtiyaç duyar.

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